Apple’s iOS 9.3 and watchOS 2.2 betas support education, night mode, and multiple watches


Apple just offered a sneak peek at iOS 9.3 and watchOS 2.2. Both of the OS updates will include several cool new features, but it’s unknown when consumers will actually be able to download iOS 9.3 and watchOS 2.2 on their devices.

For now, here’s a breakdown of everything that’s in the two updates:

iOS 9.3 focuses on education

The developer beta for iOS 9.3 was released on Monday along with a new webpage previewing the upcoming update’s features in relation to education. The most important of which seems to include easier ways to log in and share a device with multiple students.

Each student with an assigned iPad can find their information and data ready right when they log in. Photo ID lets teachers set each student’s picture on their assigned iPads, so that students can easily find their personal device. Younger students will only have to type in a four-digit PIN on the lock screen to get into their shared iPads.


The unreleased update will also introduce a new Classroom app, where teachers can guide students through a lesson and even see what their students are seeing with Screen View. Teachers can launch apps, websites or pages in textbooks via Remote Control, project any student’s work on an Apple TV compatible screen, and reset forgotten passwords within the app.

In addition, iOS 9.3 will introduce Apple School Manager, which allows the administration to control the iPads in the school, as well as the ability to manage and distribute Apple IDs.

Night Shift mode, improved Health data, 3D Touch apps, and more

Apple’s iOS 9.3 offers new features for ordinary users, too. The preview page details a new Night Shift mode, which alters your iPhone or iPad’s screen so that less blue light is emitted and your eyes are protected. The new mode should help you get a better night’s sleep after staring at your phone before bed. The addition of a night mode isn’t too surprising, as rumors hinted that Apple would make its own version of the feature after it shut down the popular app f.lux, which essentially did the same thing if you jailbroke your device.

The company also updated more of its apps to support 3D Touch and brought more security to the Notes app. Now, you can set a password or a fingerprint to lock your notes away from prying eyes. The News app will curate its stories selection to better suit your tastes, and the Health app will help you find HealthKit-friendly apps. It also integrates data from the Apple Watch better, if you have one strapped to your wrist.

Now you can sync two Apple Watches with watchOS 2.2

Apple also showed off the developer beta for watchOS 2.2, which brings several improvements to the Glances section of the Maps app, according to 9to5Mac. It can run searches, offer quick directions, and will also include “Nearby,” a feature that marks points of interest and adds sub-categories like Travel, Food, and Shopping.

Apple is also letting developers add more detailed workout summaries, offering data on active energy burned, the time spent exercising, and total stand hours earned. The highlight of watchOS 2.2, though, is multiple watch support — meaning that you can pair more than one Apple Watch with a single iPhone.

The public beta for iOS 9.3 and watchOS 2.2 should roll out this week, and it’s unclear when both new versions of the software will hit consumer’s devices.