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The Shadow Brokers Mess Is What Happens When the NSA Hoards Zero-Days

WHEN THE NSA discovers a new method of hacking into a piece of software or hardware, it faces a dilemma. Report the security flaw it exploits to the product’s manufacturer


A Magical Mushroom Powder Blocks Bitterness in Food

“I ACTUALLY HATE the taste of mushrooms,” says Josh Hahn, as he flicks on the lights in the clean room. Which is funny, because Hahn’s livelihood depends on fungi. Here,


Pokémon GO: There appears to be an unclaimed Gym in the Korean DMZ

With the world now in the grips of Pokémon GO fever, most Gyms are already under the command of experienced trainers with fearsome Pokémon, but not so in the demilitarized


Using static electricity, microrobots can land and stick to surfaces

Call them the RoboBats. In a recent article in Science, Harvard roboticists demonstrate that their flying microrobots, nicknamed the RoboBees, can now perch during flight to save energy — like


Fast, stretchy circuits could yield new wave of wearable electronics

The consumer marketplace is flooded with a lively assortment of smart wearable electronics that do everything from monitor vital signs, fitness or sun exposure to play music, charge other electronics


You can buy Nike’s Back to the Future

Marty McFly’s amazing self-lacing Nike trainers from Back to the Future: Part IIhave just become more than a movie prop. The sports brand has just announced the HyperAdapt 1.0, a


DNA ‘origami’ could help build faster, cheaper computer chips

Electronics manufacturers constantly hunt for ways to make faster, cheaper computer chips, often by cutting production costs or by shrinking component sizes. Now, researchers report that DNA, the genetic material


Defense hormones guide plant roots’ mix of microbes

Plants help tend their own gardens. Salicylic acid, a plant hormone used to fight bacterial infections in leaves, also helps plants select which bacteria colonize their roots, researchers report online

Mobile Nanotechnology News

Kyocera Torque G02 is an Android phone with a knack for underwater photography

Designed to resist seawater, including a camera with an underwater photo mode Image Gallery (4 images) Kyocera is continuing with its mission to make tough (often affordable) phones. The company’s

Nanotechnology News POWER SOURCES

Apple is reportedly willing to share viewing data to clinch TV deals

Apple is apparently bending over backwards to make sure that its oft-rumored streaming TV service gets off the ground. New York Post sources claim that the company is willing to