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Here’s how to stream the Super Bowl on your Apple devices

This Sunday is Super Bowl XLIX featuring the Seahawks, the Patriots, and, hopefully, properly inflated balls. You can watch the big game on your TV if you can pick up

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Vintage Mac app About boxes show just how far we’ve come

Mac consultant, writer, and translator Riccardo Mori has a collection of vintage Macs, and he’s been putting them to good use creating a wonderful archive of About boxes while trying

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Video: Developing with WatchKit, featuring Curt Clifton of The Omni Group

Every day, the Apple Watch is one day closer to being released to the public. Developers are now finding ways to make their iOS apps Watch-friendlly as they begin to


This iPod prototype will set you back $4,495

Prices on classic iPods saw a bit of a spike once Apple silently put an axe in the beloved media player but you might need to take out a loan

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CES 2015: Braven announces Fuse audio mixer, luxury speakers line, Bridge

One company is really making a splash at CES this year, and that company is Braven. Yesterday we gave you the news about three new speaker lines from the accessories

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Air Camera + lets you stream your iDevice camera to you AppleTV

Here’s something a little different: Air Camera + (US$2.99) is a streaming app that captures the video and audio from your iPhone or iPad and streams it to your AppleTV.

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Answer: Don’t Be Stupid game impractically expects just that

Answer: Don’t Be Stupid is a game that makes you feel ever so slightly, well, stupid. That’s because it’s based off of simple math problems most of us learned in

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Gear up to go racing with Tracktivity

If you are an auto racing fan or an enthusiast who likes to me more involved that just watching races, you should check out Tracktivity. This free universal app runs

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Mophie announces Juice Pack battery case for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Mophie is finally bringing its Juice Pack battery cases to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users. Today the company launched pre-orders for the latest editions of the popular cases with

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NANOTECHNOLOGY ‘Gecko Tech’ Lets Humans Climb Like Spider-Man

An operator climbed 25 feet vertically on a glass surface using no climbing equipment other than a pair of hand-held, gecko-inspired paddles. The climber wore, but did not require, the