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Ethical Bias In AI-Based Security Systems: The Big Data Disconnect

It’s a question that has surfaced at the discussion tables of conferences and social chats everywhere-“Can machines turn on humans?”. It’s a question that often accompanies scenes and visuals from


Vodafone launches Artificial Intelligence framework

While Artificial Intelligence (AI) has not yet reached its development potential, it is critical to its success that responsible companies have a clear idea about how to use this technology

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AI Optimism And The Race For Talent

The first mover argument is a well-known hypothesis in economic circles that stresses on the need for being the first to utilize a highly disruptive technology. Being the first user


Podcast: AI and Nuclear Weapons – Trust, Accidents, and New Risks with Paul Scharre and Mike Horowitz

In 1983, Soviet military officer Stanislav Petrov prevented what could have been a devastating nuclear war by trusting his gut instinct that the algorithm in his early-warning system wrongly sensed


AI is changing the way medical technicians work

When MIT successfully created AI that can diagnose skin cancer it was a massive step in the right direction for medical science. A neural-network can process huge amounts of data. More data means