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Apple Watch apps will get much more useful with WatchOS 2

Currently, Apple Watch apps can’t function without a paired iPhone, which handles not just Internet connectivity but core functions such as the app’s logic. These apps also can’t tap into key hardware


Apple Watch stands up to extreme water submersion in new tests

The Apple Watch has an IPX7 waterproof rating, which means it can survive dunks up to three feet deep and still work. Apple doesn’t recommend showering, swimming, or diving with the

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Apple Watch review: Beautiful form, frustrating function

I’m all-in on Apple products. At my house, I’ve got two Macs, an Apple TV, an iPad, two iPhones, and an Apple router. I’ve never owned an MP3 player that

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What can your Apple Watch do without your iPhone?

Strapped to your wrist, the Apple Watch goes everywhere that you go. Between it and the iPhone, it’s almost possible to leave your wallet at home. But what happens to the


Wearable Charger Could Be Coming for the Apple Watch, New Patent Suggests

Apple has been granted a patent for a portable battery module for wearable devices, potentially paving the way for a wearable charger for the Apple Watch. The patent, “Charging apparatus


The Apple Watch has an identity crisis, and that’s killing sales

Apple loves to brag about sales figures for all of its devices except one – the Apple Watch. When to comes to this device, Apple executives all clam up, claiming


Apple Watch saves a man’s life

‘ The Apple Watch is an expensive bit of kit, but when it’s capable of saving your life, that wallet-straining fee’s probably worth it, right? That’s the case for 62-year-old


BBM beats WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to the Apple Watch

BlackBerry‘s BBM messenger app is now available on the Apple Watch, beating the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to the wearable. The wrist-based version of the chat service allows