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Facebook’s New ‘Discover People’ Feature Helps You Meet New People with Common Interests

Facebook is rolling out a new feature to its smartphone app that will make it easier to find new friends, colleagues, and even potential dates. “Discover People,” as the new


Facebook’s secret iOS features you may never get to use

Facebook developers are always tinkering away behind the scenes on new features. Most of them never see the light of day, but it’s always interesting to see what they’re working on.


End-to-end encryption is coming to Facebook Messenger

Messages you send on Facebook will soon have extra protection from snooping third parties with a new end-to-end encryption feature called “secret conversations.” It doesn’t seem like such a long


Facebook is building artificial intelligence to finally beat humans at Go

Facebook is now tackling a problem that has evaded computer scientists for decades: how to build software that can beat humans at Go, the 2,500-year-old strategy board game, according to a report


Facebook detects signs of postpartum depression

SAN JOSE, Calif. — New moms suffering from postpartum depression change their activity on Facebook, suggesting that the social media site could help detect the onset of the baby blues.

Mobile News

Facebook’s Paper app updated with improved photo sharing

We’re fans of Facebook’s Paper here at TUAW. It’s a handy alternative to Facebook’s main iPhone app, which lets you bypass downloading the Messenger app. Paper has just received a