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Google’s Pixel Buds Are Able To Perform Real-Time Translation

Google’s biggest story of its press conference was clear the Pixel 2 smartphone. However, it was the product they showed off after the Pixel 2 that really stole the show with something


Google quietly removed smartwatches from its online store

At its big event Wednesday, Google launched a ton of new hardware: Two phones, a laptop, two new smart speakers, and wireless headphones. But new smartwatches were suspiciously absent from the


Google’s giving us some new search upgrades to book cheap travel plans

Google is making it way easier for travelers with flexible schedules to save money. The search giant announced today that it’s updating both the Flight and Hotel search tools to make it easier for


Google released some fascinating data about the coming total eclipse

Sometimes the data just falls into place. Data from Google shows that people around the United States are increasingly searching for information about the upcoming total solar eclipse. But more


Google’s new ad blocker makes a surprise appearance in a special Chrome build for Android

Google is making a move to upgrade your mobile browsing experience in future versions of Chrome. The search giant is finally banishing those distracting ads that make it more difficult


Google pulls virtual assistant ad after users complain

Google Home users got a surprise on Thursday when their virtual assistants cheerily mentioned that the live-action remake of “Beauty and the Beast” is opening in theaters this weekend. The


Google gets better at flagging apps trying to fake their way into the Play Store’s top charts

Google today announced it’s rolling out a new detection and filtering system on the Play Store to crack down on those developers who use illegitimate means to boost their apps’


Google’s Daydream View VR headset arrives in stores November 10

Google has announced exactly when you’ll be able to get your hands on Daydream View, the new headset it created for Daydream-ready Android phones, including the Pixel and Pixel XL.


Google is rolling out a handy data-saving feature to all Nexus phones

Google has announced that it’s bringing its Wi-Fi Assistant feature to all Android-based Nexus handsets to help users save on data costs. Wi-Fi Assistant automatically detects and connects to more


Google’s Project Fi subscribers now get high-speed wireless data when traveling internationally

Google’s Project Fi wireless service has long allowed its subscribers to take their phones to more than 135 countries without having to worry about getting a huge bill for international data usage. That’s because