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iOS 10.3 Pop-up Suggests the End of 32-Bit App Support, Pre-iPhone 5s Devices Could Soon Become Obsolete

An upcoming version of iOS will nix support for 32-bit applications, according to a pop-up message discovered in an iOS 10.3 beta. News of Apple dropping 32-bit support first came from


Google debuts Allo, an AI-powered messaging client for Android and iOS

Google already has the messaging apps Hangouts and Messenger, but that didn’t stop it from debuting yet another on Wednesday at the opening of Google I/O 2016. It’s called Allo, and


Apple scoffs at rumors that it’s building an iOS to Android migration tool

In early January, the Telegraph reported that major European telecoms are pressuring Apple to create a tool that would help users switch from iOS to Android, and a senior industry source claimed