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The MacBook Pro’s beloved MagSafe could return as … a dongle

The new MacBook Pros dropped a weight class and gained a Touch Bar, but they also killed the beloved MagSafe charger. Instead of a charging port that gently breaks away


You might someday get a Touch Bar keyboard without dropping the $$ for a MacBook Pro

One of Apple’s latest innovations could be making its way to even more keyboards. A newly granted trio of patents shows Apple might be working to bring its Touch Bar


Samsung’s new 4TB SSD costs about as much as a MacBook Pro

For those in need of substantial PC storage, spinning hard drives are still very much a reality. That’s changing, of course, though not quite as quickly as many upgraders are


MacBook Pro 15in 2.2 GHz review

The gap between the two 15-inch MacBook Pro notebooks is a little wider now that the 2.5GHz model has even faster AMD graphics, but the incredibly quick storage and the