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Omnidirectional mobile robot has just two moving parts

More than a decade ago, Ralph Hollis invented the ballbot, an elegantly simple robot whose tall, thin body glides atop a sphere slightly smaller than a bowling ball. The latest


Adaption of ‘The Metamorphosis’ Trades Roach for Robot

French actress Irene Jacob performs with android Repliee S1 in an adaption of Franz Kafka’s seminal work The Metamorphosis. Atlas resembles humanoid robots we know from fiction, such as The


Robotic Taster Can ID Authentic Thai Food

Good Thai food is great, but bad Thai food can be terrible. Hence the need for a robotic food taster. What? You don’t have one? Then you haven’t heard about

Nanotechnology Robotics

Super ‘Sticky’ Geckskin Adhesive Coming Soon

Geckskin is able to stick to anything that’s vaguely smooth. Newly established Makira Natural Park is now Madagascar’s largest protected area. The hope is that the park will protect hundreds