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Gentle strength for robots

In interacting with humans, robots must first and foremost be safe. If a household robot, for example, encounters a human, it should not continue its movements regardless, but rather give


Soft-bodied robots: Actuators inspired by muscle

To make robots more cooperative and have them perform tasks in close proximity to humans, they must be softer and safer. A new actuator developed by a team led by


robots learn faster than ever

A new artificial intelligence startup called Osaro aims to give industrial robots the same turbocharge that DeepMind Technologies gave Atari-playing computer programs. In December 2013, DeepMind showcased a type of


Humans can empathize with robots

Researchers have presented the first neurophysiological evidence of humans’ ability to empathize with a robot in perceived pain. Event-related brain potentials in human observers, reflecting empathy with humanoid robots in


Tasty Tech Eye Candy Of The Week (Sept 28)

This week we feature glowing, gooey, flying tech. The “glow” comes from LEDs made by Philips that are illuminating skiers in a movie due out this October to promote the


Snake Robot Walks on Its Head and Tail

All of the joints on this bot move in a variety of directions, giving it the flexibility to change shape. A. KAMAT, R. THAKKER, S. BHARAMBE / VISVESVARAYA NATIONAL INSTITUTE

Nanotechnology Robotics

NANOTECHNOLOGY ‘Gecko Tech’ Lets Humans Climb Like Spider-Man

An operator climbed 25 feet vertically on a glass surface using no climbing equipment other than a pair of hand-held, gecko-inspired paddles. The climber wore, but did not require, the