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How the evolution of technology changed the way we listen to music

When you’re sitting in the park listening to music on your wireless speaker, you’re probably too busy enjoying the vibe to pontificate on the science and innovation that brought music


Tiny Implants Could Give Humans Self-Healing Superpowers

A concept drawing explains the goals of the ElectRX program. Wolverine, Ghost Rider, the Incredible Hulk — all of these characters have at least one awesome trait in common: the

Biotechnology Gadgets

Jetpack Propels Running Soldiers Faster, Farther

Runners will sometimes refer to “hitting the afterburners” at the end of a race — drawing on the last reserves of energy to get a final burst of speed. Well,


Swarms of Robotic Boats Could Surround Enemy Ships

In an exercise that was the first of its kind, five autonomous boats formed a defensive line between an intruder and the ship they were protecting. Every day brings new


Man Hears Wi-Fi Via Hacked Hearing Aids

In the latest issue of New Scientist, freelance science writer Frank Swain contributes an intriguing autobiographical report. Swain, who has been slowly going deaf since his 20s, recently completed an


Military Taps Avatars for ‘No Pain’ Training

The movements of performers are captured by a ring of cameras to create avatars that follow the actions of each person in real time. TEXTRON DEFENSE SYSTEM Defense giant Raytheon

Nanotechnology Robotics

NANOTECHNOLOGY ‘Gecko Tech’ Lets Humans Climb Like Spider-Man

An operator climbed 25 feet vertically on a glass surface using no climbing equipment other than a pair of hand-held, gecko-inspired paddles. The climber wore, but did not require, the