3D Touch App Switching Gesture Returns in iOS 11.1 Beta 2

The 3D Touch App Switcher gesture has returned. The newly released iOS 11.1 beta 2 has reintroduced the popular shortcut to the operating system after a brief absence.

The gesture allows iPhone users to quickly open the App Switcher by long-pressing on the left side of the screen, swiping right and releasing. If you’ve already installed iOS 11.1 beta 2 on your 3D Touch-equipped device, give the gesture a try. It should work after installing the new beta, and will likely be present in all versions of iOS 11 going forward — though it’s worth noting that only devices with 3D Touch will be able to use the gesture.

Apple removed the popular shortcut, first debuted in iOS 9, during the beta testing period of iOS 11. And in September, Apple Senior Vice President Craig Federighi confirmed in an email that it was intentionally removed due to an unknown “technical constraint.” Federighi added that it would be brought back in a future iOS 11 update. And today, it seems, Apple has made good on that promise.

Similarly, while the return of the 3D Touch gesture was the most notable addition to iOS 11.1, beta 2 likely also introduces a number of bug fixes, under-the-hood improvements and other minor tweaks.

Interestingly, the iPhone X — which lacks a Home button — already relies on a similar gesture to open the App Switcher and close out applications. Presumably, these two gestures will be able to coexist on the upcoming OLED iPhone, but exactly if or howthey’ll work together remains to be seen.

It’s currently unknown when the final version of iOS 11.1 will see a public release, but it’s worth a guess that it’ll roll out alongside the iPhone X in early November.

How to Download iOS 11.1 Beta 2

To download iOS 11.1 beta 2, you’ll need to sign up for Apple’s public software testing program, which you can do here. Once you do, you’ll be able to download the beta on any registered device. As always, it’s recommended that users refrain from installing beta software on their daily drivers. At the very least, users should backup their devices before doing so.

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