6 Bad Habits to Blame on Technology

Jeff Hindenach | Excelle

Technology pretty much runs our lives these days. From our work life to our home life, we have computers, phones, and gadgets helping us with our daily routine. But is technology taking over and shifting our societal norms? Is too much technology a bad thing?

Sometimes we are so used to relying on technology to help us out, we forget how to act in a world void of it. We tend to blame technology for all those daily faux pas we commit. If you’ve ever heard or used (or even thought of!) any of these excuses, you’re not alone. Here are six of the most common bad habits we blame on technology.

“Hey, I know we’re having a conversation, but someone more important just texted me.”

You know the person: They take their phone out at the beginning of the meal or a conversation, and every 5 minutes or so they are checking to make sure they haven’t missed a text or email. Maybe that person is you! Nothing is more annoying than not having the attention of the person you are with, especially in a one-on-one situation. If you are in a group, it’s a little more acceptable.

Regardless, your annoying habit is saying that you really don’t care about the conversation or company, and you have better things to worry about. If that’s not the message you want to portray, put your phone away.

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