A DIY computer kit to turn your kid into the next Steve Jobs

A British start-up wants to change the way the next generation thinks about computers. Rather than just grabbing a shiny iPad, what if kids got to learn about technology and how it works by actually making it themselves?

The Kano is a DIY computer kit for kids ages eight and up. It doesn’t require any technical skills or complex tools—just a healthy curiosity and eagerness to learn how things work. The colorful kit comes with everything you need to put together a basic machine.

Plus, once the computer is assembled, kids can use it to practice basic coding skills—including an introduction to all the basic coding languages.

The idea behind the project is to get a new generation of kids to view technology less passively: not just as something that already exists for them to use, but as a process they can take part in. Along the way, they might just inspire the next Steve Jobs.

The Kano Computer Kit is now available for $129.99 — 20 dollars off it’s normal price.

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