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Adobe Premiere Clip app

Christmas is less than two weeks away and turkeys aren’t the only thing getting fat around here – the app stores are bursting with end-of-year bargains, festive favourites and the latest releases.

This year might be short on remaining shopping days, but there’s always time to bag a digital bargain for your tablet or smartphone and our latest apps round-up will help you seek them out.

1. Yahoo Messenger

Available on:  iOS, Android

Yahoo Messenger app

This one’s a bit of a blast from the past – Yahoo Messenger has made an unlikely comeback with a brand new app for iOS and Android devices.

The once-mighty internet company is hoping to take on the likes of WhatsApp with a fresh new design and bonus features, such as the option to send multiple full-resolution photos and GIFs, the ability to Like messages and pictures, and retractable messages.

There’s also a built-in GIF search engine, so you can punctuate your statement with a dancing cat without leaving the conversation.

2. PlayStation Messages

Available on: iOS, Android

PlayStation Messages app

Now you can interrupt your friends’ PS4 sessions from a separate app, as Sony has spun off the messaging portion of its official PlayStation application into a standalone service.

PlayStation Messages is designed to make it easier for PSN users to communicate with one another by leveraging the text capabilities of their tablet or smartphone.

Sony released this standalone app because the messaging functionality in the core PlayStation application was poorly optimised for specific devices. Anyone who’s ever tried to message a PSN contact from their iPhone 6S will know what we’re talking about.

Price: Free Publisher: Sony Release date: Out now

3. Grabble

Available on: iOS, Android

Grabble app

Perfect for a spot of last-minute Christmas shopping, Grabble is being touted as the Tinder of retail therapy thanks to its swipey interface.

Instead of cycling through a digital cattle market of potential dates, Grabble has you flicking through an emporium of fashion, lifestyle and beauty products, swiping right for the ones you like and left for the ones you don’t.

The items you tag with a swipe of approval are saved among your favourites, so the app can send you a notification as soon as they’re discounted.

Price: Free Publisher: Grabble Apps, Release date: Out now

4. ShareTheMeal

Available on: Android, iOS

ShareTheMeal app

It’s always refreshing to see technology and apps being used as a force for good in the universe and a means of helping those in need.

Case in point, the United Nations’ ShareTheMeal service allows people to donate money to help feed children who are going hungry in impoverished or war-torn parts of the world.

You can make a one-off donation that covers the cost of feeding a starving child for a single day or donate a year’s worth of meals in one go. These are the kind of in-app purchases we want to see more of.

And for its noble intentions, ShareTheMeal is Digital Spy‘s latest app of the week.

Price: Free, Publisher: United Nations, Release date: Out now

5. Adobe Premiere Clip

Available on: Android, iOS

Adobe Premiere Clip app

Another day, another editing app from Adobe – this one’s for polishing up videos on your mobile device.Premiere Clip automatically combines photos and videos on your smartphone or tablet, adds a soundtrack, and makes a composite clip out of them. Or you can do it manually if you don’t mind the legwork.

It works in conjunction with Adobe’s software suite, so you can import footage over to Creative Cloud for more extensive editing in Premiere Pro.

Price: Free, Publisher: Adobe, Release date: Out now

6. Arts & Culture

Available on: Android, iOS

Arts & Culture app

Google has gone highbrow on us and launched an app dedicated to all things arty and cultural.

The aptly-named Arts & Culture features photographs of artwork and artefacts from more than 850 museums and galleries around the world.

Although images can be explored in 360 degrees, this is still no substitute for actually getting off the couch and visiting your local museum or gallery – but it will serve you well on a rainy day.

Price: Free, Publisher: Google, Release date: Out now

7. Storehouse

Available on: Android, iOS

Storehouse app

There are already more ways to share your digital photos than we can count, but how about another option? Alternatives are always good, right?

Storehouse at least offers a different take on this concept, letting people share entire albums in webpage-like layouts that recipients can peruse on their computer or mobile device.

It’s another way to compile an album, share a collage or tell a story, and it’s available as a free download with no in-app purchases or hidden agendas.

Price: Free, Publisher: Storehouse Media, Release date: Out now

8. Portable North Pole

Available on: iOS, Android

Portable North Pole app

Given how close Christmas is, we felt obliged to include at least one festive-themed app in this week’s round-up – and this one is ideal for anyone with youngsters who need entertaining.

Portable North Pole for iOS and Android keeps the magic of Christmas alive in the digital age by sending your kids personalised video messages from Santa Claus himself.

Basic messages and a range of Christmassy mini-games are free, while in-app purchases will buy you some premium Santa banter, including alternate scenarios and themes.

Price: Free (with in-app purchases), Publisher: UGroupMedia, Release date: Out now

9. Focus by Firefox

Available on: iOS

Focus by Firefox app

There’s a lot of debate around the use of ad-blockers, with critics arguing that they harm the media and publishing industries by choking out a revenue streamMozilla’s latest app for iPhone and iPad wants to rid your Safari web browser of adverts – but only the ones that collect data about your surfing habits.

Focus by Firefox promises to protect your privacy and make webpages load more quickly by catching ad trackers in its net. Any ads that don’t track your behaviour are displayed as normal.

Price: Free, Publisher: Mozilla, Release date: Out now

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