CAPSUL : choose tailor-made clothing

Early September, we announced that Louis Antoinette, start-up incubated as part of our first season, was launching into a new adventure: CAPSUL. Louis Antoinette joined us in 2015, with the aim to bring back tailor-made clothing up-to-date. Driven by this first success, they decided to complete their offer with CAPSUL, and allow their clients to reach dressmakers in order to order personalized and custom-made pieces.


« Why did you launch CAPSUL?

From the really beginning of Louis Antoinette, we were willing to give our clients the opportunity to purchase clothes, in a finished version, but still keeping our values in mind: beautiful and feminine pieces that respect the French know-how, and provide full transparency on the origins of materials, its price and so forth.

We were only waiting for the right moment to launch that idea!


Why did you choose « CAPSUL » as a name?

The adjective « capsule » is really common in the fashion industry. It means a limited edition collection with only few pieces available. We went on with the idea by combining it with “studio”, and imagined the world’s biggest seaming studio, where each seamstress could create its own capsule collection, getting inspiration in our library of designers’ patterns.


But, does it mean that Louis-Antoinette is over?

Not at all! CAPSUL studio thrives on Louis Antoinette and allows those who do not have sewing abilities, to finally be able to get pieces from Louis Antoinette, and other pattern brands. Altogether, customers will have a pretty important offer of products available on the platform.

On the other hand, Louis Antoinette continues to develop, with 2 collections per year, and surprises for our community, some collaborations to come, and so on.


Managing two projects at a time is a quite an adventure, right?

For sure! However, our team is growing bigger in order to scope with all our projects.


What is the price range of CAPSUL?

Dressmakers set their own prices, depending on the time they spent, the complexity of the piece, and all the logistics that it involved (dressmakers send clothes themselves).

Dresses usually go from 120€ to 180€, shirts range between 50€ to 70€. For the kids section, prices go from 20€ to 50€ for trousers, and 40€ to 70€ for a cardigan, for example.


Was it hard to gather dressmakers around your project?

Thanks to Louis Antoinette community and what we achieved previously, we could count on some first seamstresses. Even before knowing the name of the website, what it will look like and so on, they accepted to realize few pieces to create their corner. That trust is essential for CAPSUL’s success, we could not achieve anything without them.

Dressmakers are just driven by their passion: being able to earn a living from their activity was a wish they had for ages.


You first tested few references on volunteers, what feedbacks did you get?

We got very positive feedbacks from them! First customers were glad they could have a real connection with “their” dressmaker, whether it be for advices on sizing, or to create an on-demand piece of clothes, choosing the material, the finishing touch, etc…

We also worked a lot on packaging, so that customers could have the wow effect when receiving their order. Each clothes is wrapped in silk paper and sent with its own ID card, which includes the name of the dressmaker, the material composition, size, washing instructions, and so on. Each piece bears the CAPSUL studio brand, and is washed before being sent.

All in one, that’s a complete new fashion experience!

CAPSUL : choose tailor-made clothing

Is there a limit to the clothes personalization ?

Absolutely not! Seamstresses are here to guide and advise customers, on which material is the most suitable, which pattern will look best depending on their morphology, and anything else they may need.


CAPSUL is only at its beginning… Do you already have ideas on what’s next?

We would like to give access to this unique experience not only digitally but also physically. We are working on a pop-up store, but it should take a few months before seeing the light… “


We would like to thank Floriane for telling us more on this new project. We wish them all the best and invite you to visit CAPSUL to discover more of the tailor-made pieces available.

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