Eve MotionBlinds Will Future-Proof Your Smart Home’s Windows

Person using the Eve MotionBlinds cord control

There are tons of devices to choose from when it comes to smart home products. A new competitor has entered the battlefield, as Eve MotionBlinds have all the smart home features you need and the style you want from high-end window coverings.

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The smart window coverings are made through a partnership with Eve and Coulisse. The main idea is being easy to get up and running and being future-proof.

“When adding window coverings to your connected home, making a future-proof choice is
key,” says Jerome Gackel, CEO, Eve Systems. “As Thread-enabled accessories, Eve
MotionBlinds can support Matter, the smart home standard of the future that is currently
being developed by Google, Amazon, Apple, and numerous IoT manufacturers.”

The motor is designed to charge with USB-C, so there’s no complicated writing required to get these up and running. You simply need to make sure the blinds are charged periodically.

They support Apple HomeKit, so you will need to be part of the Apple ecosystem to take advantage of these smart blinds. Once you’re up and running, you can control the blinds from your devices, including setting up schedules so they open and close at specific times each day.

As far as availability goes, Eve MotionBlinds are currently already available at SelectBlinds.com (US), abcblinds.com.au (AU), OmniaBlinds.com, Sonevo.de, and Smartblinds.com (EU). Pricing will vary based on fabrics, sizes, and services chosen.

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