Eve Rolls Out Matter Support With Free Updates

An Eve motion sensor sitting on a dresser in a modern bedroom.

If you have Eve products integrated into your smart home, good news. Eve is rolling out free updates to over a dozen products starting with these three popular models.

Three Eve smart home products, Eve Energy, Eve Door & Window, and Eve Motion, are getting free firmware updates on December 12, 2022. If you own any of those products, you can simply open the Eve app on your iPhone after the start of the December rollout and download the new firmware.

Eve Motion Smart Sensor

The Eve Motion smart motion sensor is one of the first products in the Eve lineup to receive a free Matter-compatible firmware update.

Other products in the Eve lineup with Thread support, such as the Eve Room, Eve Weather, and Eve Water Guard, will receive rolling updates over time. Retail products with out-of-the-box Matter support will appear on retailers’ shelves in early 2023.

If you’re excited about Matter, there is no time like the present to ensure your home is ready with a Matter-compatible Thread border router so you can take full advantage of the ongoing Matter rollouts.

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