Bad lighting? No problem.

Photography has never looked as it does today in the 21st century, what with our fancy DSLRs, editing software, and filters. And now, even poor lighting conditions have a solution, thanks to NewLight Portraits. Described as “self-contained units” that illuminate photographs from within, “transforming a great picture into an extraordinarily vivid portrait,” these special frames can turn your gallery wall into a wall fit for a gallery.

Give your favorite photos a home inside one of these frames (they’re just 5/16 of an inch thick), then use NewLight’s special LED lights to highlight the image’s focal points. Once you’ve turned the unit on, you’ll be met with an image that is “extremely crisp, vivid, and lifelike.”

“I always thought it would be cool if I could somehow use LED lighting to not only show off my family pictures hanging on the walls of my house, but to beautify the traditional sign,” said NewLight CEO Joe Brychell. “I never thought track lighting did family portraits any justice. So, years ago I started working on the concept of lighting photographs and signage from the edge instead of the front. After about 200 prototypes and what feels like a million hours of work, I came up with a patented technique to manipulate modern LED light to evenly distribute and also highlight the focal point of a photograph from the backside.”

While you do have to plug a NewLight Portrait into an outlet in order to take advantage of its lighting technology, these frames are highly energy efficient, promising to consume less power than other light sources. NewLight Portraits can be obtained in print sizes ranging from 8 by 10 to 24 by 36 in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Concluded Brychell, “It gives me such joy to know that our customers proudly hang our products in their homes, offices and place of business to show off what is really important to them.”


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