How Google Assistant Will Guide You Through LEGOLAND


Google is working with the popular theme park LEGOLAND to bring Google Assistant to the park’s experience. Google will implement Nest Hubs in every room and add Assistant commands specific to the LEGOLAND park.

LEGOLAND and Google Assistant Come Together

Google announced a bunch of ways that it’s bringing Google Assistant LEGOLAND. First, the company announced that it’s putting Nest Hubs into every room at LEGOLAND resorts in New York and California.

Instead of having to call the front desk every time you need something, you can ask Google Assistant lots of questions that’ll help make your time at LEGOLAND more fun. For example, you can use the Nest Hub to ask Google Assistant when the park opens, for more information about the park, or for some extra towels.

You can also use Google Assistant as a personal concierge by asking for recommendations of places to eat near the parks. You can also speak to some of LEGOLAND’s most beloved characters directly from Google Assistant. You can even set a LEGO-themed alarm to wake you up by saying, “Hey Google, set a LEGO alarm for 8 a.m.”

If you struggle with communication in English, you can use Google Assistant’s interpreter feature to translate 30 different languages.

Google also notes that you won’t have to sign in to your Google account to use these features, so you’ll be able to walk right into your room and start communicating with the Nest Hub. In addition, Assistant won’t store audio, and everything is reset when you checkout, so it’s a fresh experience for each guest.

Nest Hubs Are Available Now

Google is adding Nest Hubs to hotels in LEGOLAND right now, so the next time you book a trip to the LEGO-themed park, you’ll be able to use Google Assistant for all kinds of cool stuff.

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