How much harm do you know about drug abortion?

Many women, especially unmarried women mistakenly believe that the drug abortion like normal menstruation, will not hurt the body, and do not need a rest. In fact, drug abortion and suction abortion are the same physiological process of human intervention during pregnancy, so women will damage to certain health.


1, infected after taking abortion drugs

The embryo sac can be discharge out of uterine cavity soon, but sometimes pregnancy tissue discharge incomplete and the uterine recovery is poor, vaginal bleeding time is longer up to 2 to 3 weeks or even 1 to 2 months. Chronic blood loss can cause anemia, so the body resistance will decline. At this time, bacteria often get into vaginal area to cause endometritis.


2, incomplete abortion

Some women use drug can get incomplete abortion, which will effect uterine contraction and repair of endometrial wound, so that the amount of vaginal bleeding was significantly increased, and it will be  2 to 3 times than usual menstrual quantity. And serious can cause anemia, bleeding, shock, even require blood transfusion, and emergency operation of curettage and hemostasis.


3, effect the normal pregnancy in the future

Unmarried women such as repeated switch between pregnancy and abortion, can cause endometrial repeatedly damaged. Due to endometrial damage, once they have normal pregnancy, prone to placenta previa, can be induced by prenatal bleeding. Some women with recurrent abortion will also cause habitual abortion.


4, menstrual disorder

Abortion drugs can inhibit ovarian function, even affect the follicular growth and ovulation. Some women after drug abortion can occur menstrual disorders, such as menstrual cycle is shortened or extended.


Drug abortion can only be used in healthcare institutions which have a certain license, and abortion drugs must be taken under the guidance of a doctor. It is not allowed taking at home by yourself. And if you meet some problem, such as no sotpped bleeding, timely visit the hospital is necessary.

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