How to Disable Motion Smoothing on a Vizio TV

A Vizio TV

New Vizio TVs use motion smoothing to make the content you watch appear smoother. This looks good for some content, like sports, but can ruin the feel of movies and TV shows.

What Is Motion Smoothing Anyway?

Motion smoothing works by increasing the framerate of content you watch on the TV. It does this by artificially adding extra frames in between each real frame, to sync up the content to the refresh rate of the display, which can sometimes double or even quadruple the perceived refresh rate and “smoothness” of the picture.

However, this doesn’t always look good, and often leads to blurry images and nasty artifacts. Plus, some people just don’t like higher refresh rates and would prefer to disable the option.

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How to Turn it Off

On Vizio TVs, open up the settings menu, select “Picture,” and then switch to the “Advanced Picture” tab. Here you can set different levels for the “Smooth Motion Effect,” like adjusting how much interpolation and motion blur is applied. You can disable it entirely by setting it to “Off.”

Smooth Motion Effect options on a Vizio TV

On some TVs, you might find the option may be under Picture Mode > Advanced Video Features.

If you have an older TV with the feature, you may have to consult your TV’s manual if you can’t find the option, which you can find online.

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