Huawei replaces Xiaomi at top of Chinese smartphone market

The most recent numbers
out of analyst firm IDC show a major shakeup in the Chinese smartphone market for Q2. During an especially rough quarter, local handset maker Xiaomi’s shipment dipped significantly from 17.1 to 10.5 million year over year, according to the firm.

The 38 percent drop was enough to knock the company down to the fourth position, as Huawei took over the top spot with 19.1 million units moved, comprising 17.2 percent of the country’s massive market share. Huawei was followed closely by fellow domestic manufacturers OPPO and Vivo, at 18 and 14.7 million units, respectively.


For its part, Xiaomi has disputed
IDC’s numbers, pointing to higher estimates from other prominent research firms, though all noted numbers significantly below Q2 2015’s 17 million.

The highest spot by a non-domestic company on IDC’s list was secured by Apple, which rounded out the top five with 8.6 million shipments, also down fairly significantly (31.7 percent) from 12.6 the year prior.

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