iPhone 7: New pictures indicate that phone will have only subtle design tweaks alongside updated hardware


The best pictures yet seen of the iPhone 7 have been leaked – and appear to have confirmed that it’s going to look mostly the same.

An image published by a French blog claims to show the design of the phone, which is expected to be released in September. And they corroborate many of the biggest fears and rumours about the upcoming phone.

That includes a long-running rumour that it will look almost identical to the existing one. The primary differences from the iPhone 6 and 6s is that Apple has moved the antenna lines that flow around the back of the phone onto the sides, so that they are less visible and disrupt the clean metal back of the phone less.


The picture also shows that the phone appears to have a much bigger camera lens on its back. Apple is widely expected to make much of the camera in its new phone – and the bigger plus model is rumoured to include a dual-lens camera setup that will allow for far more detailed and better-looking photos.

In keeping with that, the camera bump that sits on the back of the phone and stops it from being completely flat has also expanded. It appears to be slightly deeper than before, as well as being much wider.

The images only show the back of the phone – and are apparently of a prototype model since they don’t feature the distinctive “iPhone” markings on the back. That means that many of the biggest rumours – like the loss of the headphone jack from the bottom – can’t be verified from the picture, if it is true.

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