Are you dissatisfied with the quality of your selfies? Do you waste hours every day in front of the mirror trying to capture the perfect pose? Is your phone constantly running out of memory due to the thousands of attempted and rejected photos you’ve taken? Well, lucky for you, a new iPhone case on Kickstarter is here to remedy all of these issues by making you a better selfie shooter.

Lighting-equipped smartphone cases aren’t new, but the aptly-named Litcase features both both front- and rear-facing LED lights with a touch-sensitive dimmer that provides a adjustable control over light output. Compared to a smartphone flash, the LED light source is much larger, creating a softer light with less shadow. As shown in a comparison photo below, the “high CRI” LEDs offer truer reproduction of colors compared to an ambiguous “low CRI” light source. It can brighten up faces better than a screen flash. And because the light is constant (as opposed to a flash), it’s equally useful for shooting video.

Designed to work indoors and in low-light situations, the LEDs are balanced to 3,200 Kelvin, the color temperature of most incandescent bulbs. Unfortunately, this will make the Litcase less useful as a fill light outdoors during daylight, but maybe we’ll get a Kelvin-adjustable feature in version two.


Even if selfies aren’t your forte, the rear-facing LED is a great light source for foodie shots. Since it’s larger and power-adjustable, it gives food photographers the ability to balance subject light with background light, avoiding the stark contrast that often comes with using a flash. Everything from your morning artisan latte to cheap fast food burger will look more delicious.


To power the LEDs, the Litcase holds an integrated battery that the company claims is good for more than 500 photos. No word on how long the battery will last when people inadvertently (and inevitably) leave the light on in their pocket, though.

Everyone running around with bright LEDs on their phones may serve to make selfies even more annoying than they already are, but for diehard practitioners of the activity, the results are undoubtedly worth it. Balanced colors indoors, softer shadows, and tastier-looking grub will make all of your Instagram followers happier.

Interested socialites have seven days (as of this writing) left to back the project on Kickstarter, which currently sits at $10,550 out of a goal of $50,000.


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