LG revamps its mid-range lineup with the X Cam and X Screen ahead of the LG G5’s launch


If you cringe at the thought of spending top dollar on a high-end phone like the upcoming LG G5, these mid-rangers might be for you.

LG has revealed the LG X Cam and LG X Screen, budget alternatives to its 2016 flagship that cherrypick select features from the firm’s premium range.

For instance, the X Cam packs dual cameras on the rear and a 5.2-inch display with 3D Bending Glass and a curved finish – characteristics that the LG G5 is expected to include.

The X Screen borrows the always-on ticker display from the LG V10, a secondary screen for displaying notifications and shortcuts.

LG claims that the new handsets will offer “premium features without the premium price” but is yet to confirm exactly how much they will set you back.

Pricing, release dates and full specs are likely to be revealed when LG launches the G5 at its pre-MWC 2016 press conference on February 21.

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