LG’s Stylus 2 is a pen-packing G5 alternative for those on a budget

Another handset that brings premium features to the mid-range market.


LG has revealed another mid-range handset ahead of the Mobile World Congress in the shape of the pen-packing LG Stylus 2.

Like the X Cam and X Screen, which emerged earlier this week, the device brings premium features to those on a budget.

The detachable Pen Pop is the Stylus 2’s headline feature – it’s a nano-coated accessory for all of your note-taking and sketching needs.

There are all kinds of Stylusy features, too, like the ability to write in a calligraphic font and a pop-up menu for memos that launches when the pen is removed from its housing.

Under the hood, the handset houses modest components, including a quad-core chipset and 1.5GB of RAM.

There’s also a 5.7-inch screen with a 720p resolution, a 13-megapixel rear camera and an 8-megapixel snapper for selfies.

LG will formally announce the Stylus 2 on February 21 as a budget alternative to its flagship LG G5, set to be unveiled as the headliner at the same event.

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