Nanoleaf Announces Budget-Friendly Matter-Compatible Bulbs and Lightstrips

A modern kitchen outfitted with some Nanoleaf smart bulbs and smart light strips.

Great news for fans of economical smart home lighting excited about the new Matter smart home standard. Nanoleaf is adding Matter support to its Essentials line.

If you’ve been following our coverage of the Matter smart home standard, you’ve surely seen the shoutouts we’ve given to various lights in Nanoleaf’s Elements lighting lineup.

Nanoleaf was an early supporter of the Matter standard. From the beginning, it pledged support with many of the Elements components ready to support Matter thanks to an integrated Thread radio.

A modern living room with Nanoleaf smart lights.

Now that same Matter support is coming to the more economical options in the Nanoleaf stable in the form of new Essential bulbs and light strips. Available in early 2023, the new Essentials lights—in A19, GU10, BR30, and lightstrip form—will cost $19.99 to $99.99 depending on whether you’re buying individual A19 bulbs, lighting kits, or long light strips.

Nanoleaf Elements Lighting Kit

Fancy mood lighting that also serves as a thread border router for your smart home? The future is neat.

You’ll be able to scoop up the new Essentials offerings directly from Nanoleaf or retail partners. If you don’t want to wait for the Essentials release and you want to snatch up some Matter-compatible Nanoleaf lights right now, you can always buy one of the Nanoleaf Elements, Shapes, and Lines Light Panels to get started.

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