New way photos appear on your timeline


Twitter is beefing up your Twitter timeline, again.

Starting Monday, the platform is enhancing the multimedia experience on your timeline by uncropping photos. The update is web-only, and the company didn’t specify if or when it’ll roll out to mobile.

Individual photos will appear uncropped, which means you won’t have to click on one to view the whole image in a popup window.

Tweets with multiple photos will also get a facelift. Instead of seeing multiple cropped images in an evenly-spaced grid, the tweet will present the first image as larger than the rest, with smaller thumbnails for the others.


“Some of the best moments on Twitter are when you see the world through someone else’s eyes,” the company wrote in an announcement of the changes. “Astronaut Scott Kelly’s awe-inspiring #YearInSpace, actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus onstage at the Emmys, Brian Dickinson’ssolo summit of Mt. Everest — these photos bring us right into the moment.”

Of course, Twitter users are already using the feature less for “awe-inspiring” moments and more for humor.

The update follows a wave of other changes to visual content. In June, Twitter implemented a video-sharing tool that plays Vine videos, GIFs and clips automatically. In October, thecontroversial Moments was introduced to show collections of curated tweets about current events and specific stories.



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