New Wired Nest Doorbell Has More Features in a Smaller Package

Nest Doorbell on a door

Google sells two smart doorbells: the “Nest Doorbell (battery)” and “Nest Doorbell (wired).” Despite the similar names, there are a lot of differences between the two devices, and now Google is bringing the wired model up to feature parity.

The previous wired Nest Doorbell was slightly cheaper than the battery model ($149 vs $180), and as the name might imply, it could use a wired power connection from your home instead of battery power. It had the benefit of optionally recording 24/7 with Nest Aware Plus, but it fell behind the battery-powered model in most other areas, with fewer alert types and recording options.

Nest doorbell colors

Google has now released an updated wired Nest Doorbell with a few helpful changes. It’s 30% smaller, and adds the ability to record for up to an hour without internet access, which was previously limited to the battery model. It also uses standard doorbell wiring and the same mounting as the original Nest Hello and wired Nest Doorbell — if you already have one of those models, you shouldn’t need to do more drilling in your wall.

There are other internal upgrades as well. The doorbell has a dedicated machine learning processor, with the ability to detect people, packages, vehicles, and animals. That roughly mirrors what the battery-powered model can do. Google says you’ll get three hours of event video history for free, with longer recordings requiring a Nest Aware Plus subscription, which costs $6 per month.

The second-gen wired Nest Doorbell is available starting today, for $179.99 in the United States and $239.99 in Canada. That’s a $31 price hike compared to the previous model, but it makes sense that something roughly matching the battery model is the same price.

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