Nginx has introduced an application server for microservices environments. The open source Nginx Unit is designed for environments where developers use multiple languages in their deployments. It’s typical in microservices to use multiple languages and thus have multiple software stacks to manage and control, the company says.

In its beta release this week, Nginx Unit supports Google Go, PHP, and Python. Java and Node.js support will be added later, and support for Ruby is under consideration.

Nginx Unit also provides a service mesh, an “intelligent” networking layer for connecting microservices.

Nginx is best known as maker of the popular Nginx web server and load balancer. It says the combination—called Nginx Applicaton Platform—of Nginx, Nginx Unit, and the forthcoming management tool Nginx Controller provides a unified stack for migrating from monolithic applications to microservices.

Nginx Applicaton Platform can run on the Kubernetes container management platform, on on-premises systems, and in various cloud environments.

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