Oculus Quest V30 Update adds multitasking and wireless streaming for existing headsets

Facebook has begun pushing out its v30 update for both Oculus Quest and Quest 2 virtual reality headsets, teased earlier this week by Mark Zuckerberg himself. This introduces multitasking, wireless streaming, and also brings AirLink to the original Oculus headset.

Flex Space – Multitasking Interface for Infinite Office

The new multitasking interface for Infinite Office lets you put multiple apps side by side. For example, you could’ve Oculus TV and Oculus Move open side-by-side. In true preparationstyle, you will find this setup to work with all of Oculus Home, including Explore, Store, Browser, Events, Oculus TV, Oculus Move, Scoreboards, and more.

As it is a new feature you’ll find a Multitasking toggle under the Experimental section in your settings.

Oculus Preview of Multitasking with Flex Space – image sourced from their blog .

AirLink – Wireless Streaming comes to older devices

In April they brought us AirLink. AirLink allows you to stream PC VR games over their WiFi network instead of hooking up an Oculus Link cable – as long as your connection is strong of course. Now with v30, they’ve rolled out AirLink to the original Quest.

You may not see the update immediately but as Facebook reported it is being pushed around the globe as we speak.

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