Pokémon GO: There appears to be an unclaimed Gym in the Korean DMZ


With the world now in the grips of Pokémon GO fever, most Gyms are already under the command of experienced trainers with fearsome Pokémon, but not so in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea.

The report is unconfirmed but Reddit user GhostXavier claims a military friend in Panmunjom sent them a screen grab of the gym, which is still white – signalling it has yet to be claimed by a user.

“So this is how ww3 starts”, one user commented, with another countering: “Or how we broker peace between the two nations.”


The possibility of a Poké Gym at the checkpoint isn’t as odd as it might seem. The locations aren’t handpicked by the developer Niantic, which merely crawls the Google Maps API and selects points of interest at random.

One man found this out the hard way, when his house was turned into a Gym and attracted visitors – the map having misidentified his home as a church from 40 years ago.

In other worldwide Pokémon GO news, a bar crawl centred around the game has been lined up in NYC and is expected to attract thousands of visitors.

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