Red OnePlus 3 possibly coming soon to an e-store near you, at least in China


OnePlus and controversy go hand in hand, so even as the budding device manufacturer got rid of the invite system, its first metal unibody product sparked red-hot debate across the interwebs.

Some devoted fans of previous OnePlus flagships lamented the move from sandstone to aluminum, while others thought the OP3 looked too similar to a handful of rivals. Then there was the highly publicized RAM management issue, as well as concerns over a display deemed mediocre by our master reviewer Juan Carlos Bagnell.

Still, at the end of the day, and even assuming an update didn’t fix everything initially wrong with the OnePlus 3, the 5.5-incher remains a smart buy at $400. And it’s about to get smarter yet, if rumors of an upcoming snazzy red variant pan out.

Actually, they’re more than unsubstantiated rumors, at least according to a few sources who claim to have caught a glimpse of the crimson handheld on the OEM’s official Chinese website a while back. There’s also a screenshot to support the allegations, but we can’t be certain of its authenticity. Only available in graphite at the moment, with soft gold around the corner, the OnePlus 3 could sure use an extra splash of color to bury all controversies.

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