Samsung’s New Fridge Might Have a Bigger Screen Than Your PC

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub Plus

Smart refrigerators have been around for years now, and they’ve continued to get larger and more feature-packed. Samsung is hoping you’ll finally buy one after making the screen massive.

Samsung announced today in a Korean press release that it will show off a “Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub Plus” (direct translation) at CES 2023. The smart fridge is similar to the company’s existing line of Bespoke refrigerators, which can be customized during the order process to use different colors and materials in the panels. Some of the fridges ship with Family Hub, a touchscreen panel that shows what is stored inside, manage family calendars, stream music, see security camera footage, and other functions.

The Family Hub touch screen usually maxes out at 21.5 inches, roughly double the size of a typical 9 or 10-inch tablet screen, but the new version has a much larger 32-inch screen. It takes up almost the entire right panel of the fridge.

Using the touchscreen on the Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub Plus

Just like with previous models, Samsung wants the screen to serve as a central billboard for your family, a control panel for smart home devices, and a way to quickly access the fridge’s smart features. There’s a panel for managing SmartThings devices like lights, blinds, switches, and sensors, and it can show images from a shared Google Photos library — like a cloud-powered version of sticking printed photos on the fridge with magnets.

There are also features with more… questionable utility. For one, the touchscreen panel supports Samsung TV Plus, an ad-supported streaming service. Samsung says that could be helpful for playing music channels or news, which probably don’t require you to stand in front of your fridge for a while.

Samsung didn’t mention availability or pricing for the new fridge, but we’ll likely hear about that at CES 2023 in January. The press release mentioned the United States a few times, so it will probably head to the US at some point. Hopefully, it has Twitter.

Source: Samsung News
Via: SamMobile

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