Sony’s Xperia XA Ultra is the ultimate selfie smartphone


Sony announced in February that its new Xperia X line would be camera-centric, and it appears the 6-inch XA Ultra will make good on that promise.

While the phone’s specs sheet points towards this being a mid-range handset, the XA will seemingly rely on its impressive camera set-up in order to lure you in.

Sony has confirmed the phone will sport a 16-megapixel front-facing camera for all your selfie needs, which it also claims is ideal even in low-light conditions.

If you’ve got that one friend who’s always ruining the perfect selfie, then their shortcomings will likely be masked through the handset’s optical image stabilisation, autofocus, HDR and flash features.

And if that isn’t enough to save your photos from the deleted folder, you may as well hang up your smartphone and retire.

Or you could just stick to using the rear camera and avoid your face altogether, using the phone’s handy 21.5-megapixel rear snapper.

While Sony struggles to compete with the elites of the smartphone market, it still claims its relatively small 2700mAh battery will provide you with two days of usage. We imagine you’ll be forced into using the optional fast-charging unit before then, though.

Elsewhere the Xperia XA Ultra is powered by a MediaTek MT6755 processor and pairs 3GB of RAM with 16GB of internal storage – expandable via microSD – and a 1080p Full HD display.

The phone will launch in July, offering selfie-obsessed customers the chance to own it in black, white, or the worst ‘lime-gold’ colour you can possibly imagine. 

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