There Is Now a Roku Light Bulb, Because Why Not?

Roku camera and light bulb

You probably know Roku from its streaming boxes, but now the company wants to make several more areas of your house smart, not just your TV. Roku has announced its full incursion into the smart home market, with smart lights, security cameras, and more.

Roku has revealed a new range of smart lights and home cameras that will branch out the Roku name to more than just smart TV boxes. These smart home products are made in partnership with Wyze — in fact, many of Roku’s new smart home products are basically rebadged Wyze products. Both the smart home cameras and the lighting products are identical to existing products in Wyze’s range.

The difference is that these products will integrate with your Roku TV OS, allowing you to view live streams of your cameras right from your TV. They also have ioXt Alliance certification. You’ll be able to get notifications and control your smart home devices from your smartphone using the Roku Smart Home app, and you’ll get a premium camera subscription trial that will give you access to cloud video recording history, smart alerts, package arrival notifications, and other features.


Getting into the products themselves, there’s a whole range of cameras you can put anywhere in your home. Roku will offer a floodlight camera, indoor/outdoor cameras, an indoor 360-degree camera, and a smart video doorbell. All of these are identical to the Wyze offerings that we know and love. There’s also lightbulbs and light strips, available in both white and multi-color versions.


The Roku smart cameras start at $27, and you’ll be able to buy them exclusively from Walmart and Roku’s online store starting on October 17th.

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