Windows cameras are finally getting a panorama mode because it’s 2016


Say what you will about Windows Phone, but Lumia devices have always had solid cameras. One thing Windows the Windows camera app doesn’t include by default, however, is a panorama mode.

Seriously, if you wanted to shoot a Panorama on the Lumia 950 or 950 XL, you have to download a separate app.  In 2016, that’s ridiculous. Thankfully, that’s changing now.

Microsoft has just released an update to the Windows Camera app that enables the panorama app for several devices. Insiders have had the feature for over a month, but this is a nice bit of news for the seven people still using Windows Phone. So far, we know it works on the Lumia 550, 650, 950, and 950 XL, 640, 830, Icon, 930, and 1520.

But the update applies to the desktop version of Windows too if you have the right hardware, including the Surface (non-Pro) 3, the Pro 4 and the Surface Book. You know, for those times you really feel like waving around your laptop in public to stitch a photo.

Maybe getting one of these would help you.

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