Wyze Cam Pan V3 Has Double the Tilt Motion, Only Costs $34

Wyze Cam Pan v3 outside

Wyze has been selling low-cost smart security cameras for years, with a few different models to choose from. Now the company has updated its panning camera with a new design and an even lower price.

The Wyze Cam Pan v3 is the newest iteration of the company’s panning camera, which can tilt and rotate to view different areas. While the old camera was shaped like a small tower with a moving camera eye, the new model has the camera section mounted on an arm, giving it 180° up and down tilt and a full 360° pan — twice the tilt coverage of the previous model.

There’s also support for color night vision, two-way audio, and automated motion tracking. The camera can sit on a flat surface, or be mounted upside down. Wyze also includes “a random assortment of stickers in every box” to stylize the bottom cube section. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t support 5 GHz Wi-Fi, and the IP65 water resistance requires the Wyze Power Adapter V2, which is coming later in January for an unspecified price.

At least one person has pointed out that the camera appears to be physically identical to the 2021 Atom Tech Cam Swing, but this model uses Wyze’s software stack and cloud integration. However, the Atom model supported RTSP local video streaming and NAS support, while the Wyze Cam Pan V3 requires a Wyze Cam Plus subscription for saving recordings remotely (in this case, to Wyze’s servers). The paid plan is also required for specific object detection (people, packages, vehicles, etc.), and normally costs $1.99 per month per camera. Without the paid plan, the camera can still record to an SD card and send some alerts.

The Wyze Cam Pan V3 is available on Amazon for $39.98, or on the company’s own store for $33.99. That’s cheaper than the Cam Pan V2, which normally goes for $50 on Amazon.

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