Xiaomi’s Mi Max phablet is somehow supposed to fit in your pocket


For most people, smartphones get a little too clunky somewhere between five and six inches of screen size; anything beyond that, and you can forget about operating your phone with one hand or comfortably putting it your pocket.

Xiaomi has another idea; over the weekend, the company teased a new, upcoming smartphone called the Mi Max. Absolutely no details were revealed, except the fact that it will have a screen size between the Mi Note’s 5.7-inches and the Mi Pad’s 7.9-inches. And, according to an image posted on the MIUI forums, below — it will fit in your jean pocket with room to spare.
Rumors have it that the device will have a 6.4-inch screen size and a Snapdragon 650, which would categorize it as the phablet variant of the already quite excellent Mi 5. What we can see of the design definitely looks identical to the Mi 5, with very thin bezels — though if the screen size is indeed that large, we wonder what kind of giant pants does Xiaomi think we wear.
On Monday, Xiaomi announced on Weibo that the phone would be unveiled on May 10 in Beijing, without giving any further details about its specs. We will be following the launch, so stay tuned for more info.

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