You can buy a sentry robot for your home


A company called iPatrol has released a sentry robot called Riley that will cruise around your home on tank tracks with an HD camera, but without the requisite weapons to deter intruders (unless the intruder is a small animal). The tiny robot features a 5MP camera with night vision and motion detection, and can alert you and send a notification to the corresponding app on your phone if motion is detected.


The $229 robot comes with a microphone and speakers built in, allowing you to yell at intruders (or more likely your pet on the couch) thanks to the HD live-streaming capabilities. Riley also comes with a dock for charging, and the tank treads can be swapped out for different colors — because let’s be honest, this is a toy mainly for kids and not something an intruder is going to be deterred by. You can purchase Riley today from iPatrol’s website.

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