You Can Get a $650 Robot Vacuum For $170 Today

bobsweep vacuum

If you hate cleaning your house, then a robot vacuum is a must-have item. Right now, you can get the bObsweep Pro Robot Vacuum for $169.99 at Best Buy. It normally sells for $649.99, making this one of the largest discounts we’ve ever come across.

This vacuum works on both hard and carpeted floors, so it’ll keep your house clean no matter what type of floors you have. It’s also designed to deal with pet hair, so if you have a dog or a cat who loves shedding all over the place, this robot vacuum can handle it.

It also has an automatic docking and charging feature, so you can just set the vacuum to clean and forget about it while it keeps itself fully charged. With that said, it also has a battery that’ll run for about 100 minutes, so it’ll clean even fairly large spaces without needing to go back to the base.

In terms of reviews, this has a 3.9 out of 5 on Best Buy, with 74% of buyers recommending it to others. While not as feature-packed as an iRobot model, it’s hard to beat a solid robot vacuum for under $170.

This is crazy cheap!

bObsweep Pro Robot Vacuum

bObsweep Pro Robot Vacuum

How often do you see a robot vacuum for $169.99. This is one of the largest discounts you’ll ever find on a well-reviewed robot vacuum.

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