You can try the HTC Vive virtual reality now


You can take your first steps into virtual worlds this week, but only if you visit Currys PC World.

As previously reported, Currys PC World has managed to nab a few HTC Vive headsets, and they’re showcasing them at a handful of stores across the country.

And there’s no need to wait, because the first HTC Vive demos have kicked off today (March 17).

The Leeds (Birstall) branch of Currys PC World has a HTC Vive demonstration station, as does the Reading store and the one on Tottenham Court Road in London.

Overclockers in Newcastle-under-Lyme’s also has one, and so does Scan Computers International Ltd in Bolton.

You can check out some of the games on offer, and then place a pre-order directly with the retailer.


HTC’s Peter Frolund said that the company was thrilled to bring the device to as many people as possible.

The HTC Vive was recently handed a $799 (£689) price tag, which is more expensive than the $599 it would cost to buy an Oculus Rift. It will ship to early adopters in April, before going on general sale in May.

It comes with the Vive head-mounted display, as well as the Vive Station and Vive Link Box that helps map your space in the virtual world. There’s also a pair of the awesome HTC Vive controllers, and some Vive Ear Buds.

That’s on top of two free games, including Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives​ and Fantastic Contraption.

It will eventually have to compete with PlayStation VR, which has just been given an October release date and £349 price tag.

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