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Lean AI: How Much AI Does Your Company Need?

Being humans, we have a tendency to anthropomorphize objects around us. Thus, in the 20th century many technology inventions carried the names of people who invented them, like Ford cars and…

Top 5 Upcoming Smartphones! (Early 2014)

5 Best flagship smartphones coming in the next few weeks! 5. Moto X 2 (0:34) 4. Sony Xperia Z2 (1:48) 3. Samsung Galaxy S5 (2:46) 2. New HTC One M8…

Oppo Find X Teaser Ft. Neymar Jr

OPPO FIND X – Trailer, Commercial, Intro, Teaser, tvc, promo, introduction, Official, 3d face unlock feature OPPO FIND X is an upcoming smartphone by oppo.