10 iOS 10 features that will completely update your iPhone, from smarter Siri to a major Messages overhaul

iPhone SE

It’s official, Apple can count, huzzah. iOS 10 is now just days away from replacing iOS 9 as Apple’s top flight mobile operating system – yay. One of the bigger iOS updates in recent years, the iOS 10 update won’t just give your beloved handset a new lick of paint though, oh no, it will provide a number of coveted new features and functions too.

Sure, Siri might be getting some new smarts, but everyone’s favourite/most hated personal assistant finally upping its game isn’t the only talking point. With a mass of new iOS 10 features inbound aboard the new iPhone 7, those with older iDevices will be able to update on September 13. These are the features that will give your existing iPhone a new lease of life.


iOS 10

Let’s start this where you will – actually picking up your iPhone. Highlighting just how big an update iOS 10 really is, you’ll see changes right away. Apple’s new ‘Raise to Wake’ feature – something it might just have ‘borrowed’ from a few of its Android-touting rivals – lets you check what’s going on without the need to press a single button. Simply lift your phone, and it will wake up showing you your message and app alerts front and centre. There’s more though, if you’ve got an iPhone 6S, you’ll be able to give these a firm 3D Touch enabled press to preview, reply to messages and even check your Uber progress all without unlocking the device.


iOS 10

Improved notification access isn’t the only thing going on from the lock screen. Apple’s trademark Control Panel, accessed by swiping up from the base of the screen, has been rejigged too. Redesigned with a cleaner look and new Night Shift shortcut it’s not alone either. Pull it up and swipe left and you’ll be given an addition music control panel, album art and all, letting you skip tracks and and select new playlists at will. A further swipe left and you’ll be presented with a panel dedicated to the smarthome controlling new Apple Home features.


iOS 10

Messages is the most used iPhone app but it’s a little bit dry. iOS 10 will fix that though with a complete Messages overhaul that’s adding dozens of new features and functions. While you’ll now be able to send handwritten texts for a little more personalisation, Bubble Effects will change the size of message bubbles, making it seem like you’re shouting or whispering what you’ve got to say. That’s not where it ends though. Live Sketches will let you draw out doodles to send, stickers will up your emoji game and Invisible Ink messages will let you hide text and snaps behind a bit of distortion that can be removed with a sideways swipe.


iOS 10

Siri’s been a nice iPhone addition in recent years, but the voice-controlled digital PA’s not really revolutionised how we use our phones. That’s about to change though. Siri’s gone from high school to PHD graduate with a number of impressive new additions. As well as being about to dictate and send messages through third-party services such as WhatsApp and WeChat, it can now be used to search photos (more on that later), start and stop workout sessions, make Skype calls and even book and Uber. What’s more, with Siri being opened up to developers for the first time, it’s only going to get smarter too.

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