AirPods are reportedly coming to Apple’s retail stores on Dec. 19


Apple’s long-awaited wireless earphones AirPods are coming to the company’s retail stores Monday, Dec. 19.

This is according to a report from MacRumors, which cites a retail source and claims carrier stores and Apple Authorized Resellers will be getting the AirPods as well.

Originally slated for an October launch, the AirPods were delayed for unspecified reasons. Earlier this week, Apple finally put them on sale on its online store, with a Dec. 22 shipping date. If the MacRumors report is true, it means folks who visit a physical Apple retail store might get them three days before that date.

The AirPods are tiny earbuds which look a lot like the regular iPhone earbuds, only without a wire. They feature Apple’s new W1 chip, which makes pairing with other devices faster, and a special case that doubles as a portable battery/charger. Check out our review here.

And while AirPods will be reaching consumers in time for the holidays, Apple’s other wireless earbuds, the BeatsX, won’t be available until February.

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