Apple deploys bug-zapping iOS 9.0.1 software update

Apple dished out iOS 9 earlier this month, and now it’s ironing out a few of its bugs and glitches with the iOS 9.0.1 software update.

There are no exciting new features here, but the performance enhancements mean the operating system might run smoother on your iPhone or iPad.


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It fixes an issue where alarms and timers occasionally fail to play, as well as a bug that was preventing some users from completing the setup assistant.

Plus, if you noticed a problem in Safari and Photos that was causing videos to randomly pause and distort, you’ll be pleased to known that is no more.

Users will have to wait for the iOS 9.1 update for more substantial new features, like bonus emoji, including that infamous smiley with a raised middle finger.

You can check whether iOS 9.0.1 is available to you by going into Settings on your device and selecting Software Update within the General tab.

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