Apple Watch Series 3 in a nutshell: Leaks, rumours and UK launch date


The Apple Watch Series 3 will launch later in 2017 according to the latest reports, bringing some tempting new features such as cellular support. Here’s the latest leaks and rumours about the third Apple Watch wearable.

After a distinctly unimpressive opening to its smartwatch venture with the original Apple Watch, the Cupertino company came back strong with the rather excellent Apple Watch Series 2. This boasted the best bits of the first Apple Watch, but with far fewer flaws. Built-in GPS and waterproofing capped off the essential hardware updates, while WatchOS 3 ironed out some of the software issues and added some features we really wanted.

So, what can we expect of the Apple Watch Series 3 and when is it actually launching? Here’s our full Apple Watch 3 rumour round-up.

Apple Watch Series 3 rumours

With the Apple Watch 3 launch still a while off, we don’t know too much about Apple’s third wearable device. However, word on the web is that the Watch Series 3 will come packing a built-in eSIM, or support for a nano SIM card to be inserted. This will deliver cellular connectivity to the Apple Watch, similar to the Huawei Watch 2 and some other modern smartwatches.

What does that mean? Well, your Apple Watch will now be completely independent of your iPhone, able to receive messages, notifications and even calls on its own. Good news if your trusty mobile suddenly runs out of juice, or is out of reach.

Of course, cellular connectivity is a serious power drain, as that dinky modem constantly sends and receives information. On the Huawei Watch 2, this slashed the battery life from two days to a day and a half, for instance. So if Apple wants to add this feature to the Watch 3, it had better fit a bigger battery too. Either that or figure out how to make the modem less of an energy hog.

Other aspects of the Apple Watch are likely to remain unchanged. The Apple Watch Series 2 already boasts a super-bright, colourful and crisp display, so chances are it won’t be tweaked too much. Ditto for the pleasingly curved and tough design, which looks great and offers strong resistance to scuffs.

Apple Watch Series 3 rumoured release date

Right now, it’s looking likely that Apple will launch the Apple Watch Series 3 towards the end of 2017.

DigiTimes has reported that production of the existing Apple Watch 2 will be partially passed from Quanta Computer to Compal in the second half of the year. Which of course has the rumour mill buzzing about the possibility of Quanta devoting its spare output to the all-new third Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Series 2 will be a year old in September 2017, so we’re expecting Apple to begin refreshing the wearable once a year, just as it does with the iPhone.

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