Battery Yarn Could Knit Power Into Fabrics


The battery yarn is as flexible as any other woven material.


best way to sell electric cars . Should automakers be boasting of their environmental credentials? Or should they talk in a language people understand — money — and highlight the economic benefits? Maybe it’s all about silence and refinement? Rarely mentioned is just how fun electric cars can be to drive. So we’ve taken a primal, quantitative measure of driving fun — the 0 to 60 mph acceleration sprint — to rank each battery-electric vehicle on sale today, or on sale soon. At the very least, this gallery will serve as a handy list of which cars not to try and beat from the next green light.


You probably aren’t surprised by this one. The Model S is comfortably the most powerful electric car on sale, and while it’s also the heaviest, it still offers super-sedan performance. If you like that airliner-on-takeoff feeling on your commute, this is the car to offer it.


though not for much longer ) and apparently Tesla-style performance, the RAV4 is a Toyota product. With a 115 kW (154 hp), 220 lb-ft electric motor and a Sport mode, the RAV4 EV will see off most other crossovers and SUVs at the lights. A 103-mile EPA-rated range isn’t bad, either.


BMW’s electric city car has attracted attention for its styling more than anything else, but with a 130 kW (170 hp) electric motor driving the rear wheels and a lightweight carbon fiber reinforced plastic chassis, it’s also brisk. It’s worth noting that the extra weight of the range-extended model does dull performance a little.

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